Winky and Penny

We were contacted by our vet one day about a large, 18-20 pound tabby cat that was brought in by it’s caretaker to be euthanized. Our vet immediately had the cat signed over to his practice and contacted us. We immediately said yes to this big boy. When we brought Winky home to his foster, we realized he was the friendliest, mushiest, loaf ever. He is 6 years old and a ton of fun/love. We were contacted one day by an individual named Emily, and we sent her a picture of Winky on a whim to see if she might be interested. As soon as Emily saw Winky’s photo she fell in love and said that she needed to have him. Within 24 hours, after the vet and home check was completed, Winky was settled in his new home. Winky was welcomed with open arms by his 2 human siblings as well has his rat siblings (who he completely ignores). He quickly made himself at home within a few hours laying with his new family on the couch.

A few weeks later we took in Penny, a medium/long haired orange, seemingly Maine Coon mix. As soon as Emily saw her she messaged us and said she wasn’t planning on getting another cat so soon, but she was obsessed with her and NEEDED to have her as well. Within a day or two Penny was moving into her new home with her big brother Winky.

As you can see in the photos, Winky and Penny, now named Uzi and Beretta, are best friends and love sitting with their family all the time!