Angel and Miracle

Kitties Without Borders got a call about 2 kittens in need of rescuing. When we picked the kittens up they were already in the carrier so we didn’t get a great look at them. As we pulled the kittens out of the carrier, we truly thought they were dying in our arms. Their bodies were limp and they were barely breathing, they had missing spots of fur and were extremely lethargic. We brought them to the vet immediately the next morning and found that they were malnourished, covered in fleas, had worms, intense upper respiratory infections, and skin infections. At KWB we are no stranger to cats having worms, but the amount of worms in their system was alarming and possibly warranting surgery. Every single day with them was touch and go and we had to give them fluids via a syringe. Per conversations with our vet, before they were in our care, they were being fed cows milk leading them to be extremely malnourished and because of this one of Angel’s legs was broken. Angel had to have her leg amputated and healed beautifully. Slowly our babies came back to life, their fur grew back, and their eyes cleared up. These babies had such a rough journey that we wanted to keep them together. We found the perfect home for them where they were absolutely in love with both of them and kept them together. They are obsessed with them and they are bouncing around like the crazy kitties they deserve to be. Please see the before and after photos attached.