About Us

We are a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue organization based out of
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and Long Island, New York.

We aren’t the most conventional pair. There is Taylor, 23, from Long Island, New York and Lori, a mother, from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. How did we meet you might ask? We were both rescue volunteers, Lori, a full-time foster parent, and Taylor, an administrative volunteer and foster parent. We both happened to volunteer for the same rescue and quickly grew close, like family. We began to talk on the phone about all of the cats in the world needing rescue and how we wish we could help more. We both had the same vision, we wanted to help cats domestically and internationally after hearing about all of the cats overseas and how they are treated. After much deliberation, stress, and late nights planning, Kitties Without Borders was formed. We struggled to figure out the best way to promote our mission statement and decided to keep it simple to focus on what we do: We are a team of passionate individuals, who rescue cats and kittens, without borders, both near and far. We strive to provide abandoned and abused animals with a second chance for a better life.

All of the cats we rescue we view as our kids/family whether they are being fostered with us for 7 days or 7 months. We take the time to form a bond and get to know each of our cats personalities, tendencies, likes, and dislikes. We take the time to review each application in depth to make sure each of our cats goes to the proper home that is best for them. We treat each of our adopters and donors as friends and consistently keep in touch to check up on our cats and receive/provide updates.

We are eager and excited to continue to share our journey with you and welcome you to the Kitties Without Borders family.

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